Philadelphia-based brand, NUANCE, seeks to deliver artful, high-quality jewelry that embodies style-innovation and vintage appeal while maintaining the highest standards in craftsmanship and responsible manufacturing.  

All of our parts come from people we know; small businesses where people are paid and treated well! We believe it is extremely important to know where and how products come into being. Our team continues to work hard to find like-minded businesses who can help us produce our boutique brand, just the way we want. From the company that letterpresses our carding to our rubber ear clutches---it's all made by people like us! We feel proud to support our fellow American business owners and when you buy from NUANCE you should know you are supporting small businesses all across America. 

[ nu·ance: a subtle difference or distinction ]

Nuance seeks to be a subtle difference to the design world, the community of Philadelphia, and to individuals, tradespersons, and manufacturers both locally and globally; creating high-quality work in a responsible manner.

The belief:  Investing time and energy into people, assuring they aren’t interchangeable and under-valued, can produce great product and can positively advance individual and economical growth.
The hope:  To see even more of a shift in our society to change business and purchasing practices in the fashion world; to support those who are generating high-quality work and products, responsibly.

Designer, Wendee Daelhousen has extensive experience in jewelry design and manufacturing for companies which include: John Wind - Maximal Art, Anthropologie, Terrain, BHLDN, Disney, and Country Living.  Her work has been featured in O Magazine, InStyle, Southern Living, Accessories Magazine, and seen on several hit-shows such as: Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars and Revenge.